Hey there!

This is Kshitij and you have reached my small place on the World Wide Web. 😄 😎

I’m a software developer, an amateur poker player and an aspiring doodle artist from India. I like to think of myself as a problem solver who prefers to leverage the potential of technology to build a better, efficient and robust (possibly, antifragile) solutions.

  • Builds simple APIs for everything useful
  • Writes CLI for everything fun
  • Reads daily
  • Football/Poker on weekends
  • Currently learning to draw, design & doodle

Recently, I designed a monogram with my initals. My Monogram

When I have something imporantant/clever/funny/stupid to say, I scribble it down here, on my blog.

Find me at GitHub and Twitter. Alternately, you can reach me at kshitijsaraogi@gmail.com. Generally, I use @kshitij10496 handle across all social media platforms in order to maintain a psuedo-consistency.

Cheers! 🍺